WISKA SWA Mount Topper

Perfect for mounting boxes that would normally be mounted to a post or wall. An inexpensive and easy solution. Designed specifically for connecting SWA cables.

The WISKA SWA Mount Topper has been designed to provide a secure mount for a standard 108 or 308 WISKA box, or a Hensel box.
Pre fitted with 304 stainless steel screws and nuts to fit 108 or 308 WISKA boxes - 108 directly screwing through the box, 308 via the push fit bracket which comes with the box.

To fit a standard Hensel box using the two internal rear fixings:
Has cable tie loops to secure the SWA cables at the bottom.
Can be fitted with 1-2 spikes: horizontal, standard or long.

WISKA SWA Mount Topper only, spikes and boxes not included.

Specifcation sheet: /specification_sheets/Hudson Lighting_March_AV5689-layered.jpg

Image Pack: /image_packs/WISKA SWA Mount Topper.zip

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