Our guarantee to you

We endeavor to build high-quality light fittings that don't fail on-site or during their warranty period. If a fitting does fail, we won't just stick with the universal standard of supplying the replacement part that's required to get you up and running again; we will compensate you too. We pay £30 including VAT per site visit you make to carry out the repair or replacement and you can call us and we can guide you through the process of identifying what's wrong.

Every single light fitting we make goes through a test procedure that is logged against it's serial number. We do not batch test and pass the batch. The following information is available for every light fitting within the user area:

Serial Wattage S Kelvin M Kelvin Lumens Amb °C Body °C Chip °C IP Hr Burn Hr Beam ° Notes
0001 3 3000 3021 513 18 54 87 24 24 55 -

The most important tests for longevity here are the underwater test and the LED chip temperature. The underwater test is carried out in a 2M tall clear acrylic tube. This is to ensure we achieve the rating IP68 for which all of our light fittings go through (excluding the wall light back/base sections). The LED chip temperature has a maximum rating of 150C. The lower temperature we can achieve the longer the LED will last and lumen output will be maintained for a longer period.

Underwater test in tube
The ultimate test - one of our light fittings now spending it's life as a swimming pool light.

Everything can be replaced beyond the warranty

The most important feature of the lighting is that every single part can be replaced - including the LED board. We also promise that the charges won't be unreasonable beyond the warranty. We've recently heard one of our competitors from New Zealand charge £40-50 per replacement LED! Ours are in the sub £15 bracket.

Warranty period

10 years for lighting products for the entire fitting.* Products made before October 2022 carry a 5 year warranty

2 years for installation products

What's excluded

We won't cover third party damage, including mis-installation such as connecting to the wrong supply. The guarantee covers our lighting and installation materials only. Where we supply third party drivers, they covered by their own independant warranties, although we will supply replacements within their given warranty period as expected.

But, because something is excluded, that doesn't mean we won't help. We aren't short sighted, we want to see our customers succeed in their business so you'll often find we go above and beyond in these situations.

We Listen

We have a Facebook group for improvements, suggestions and issues to help us improve. Suggestions made there has the process of improvement shared open and honestly. You can come and join us and find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/214445164179281/

Please note, we do vet every application, if you aren't a current customer please do explain that you saw this section and were interested in seeing how we handle the improvements and issues etc.