We think giving a good warranty and honoring it is important. We have faith in our products, so all of our products have a 5 year warranty.

If you are a trade or contractor, when we sell fittings to you we will ask where they will be installed. This is so we can provide a warranty certificate to the end user and if they move, they can pass it on to the new owner. You benefit from us detailing you as the installer on the certificate so that the user will remember that you did it and know where to come for extras or to recommend you to others.

Our warranty is simple. If it's failed under normal use e.g. not been damaged, eaten or misused and it is/was installed correctly and obviously within 5 years of purchase then it's covered. All we ask is that we take a holding deposit on the parts then we will send you out replacements. Once you are ready (within 20 days), pack the items up and we will send a courier to collect the faulty items. We will just ensure from our point of view that our conditions are met then we will return your deposit and give you £25 for the trouble on top. Okay, it may not cover all of your costs but what other manufacturer gives you that?

For the full conditions - see below:



  • We are informed of the defect promptly
  • The product was installed correctly as per the product instructions found under each product listing on our website
  • The product was not altered or modified in any way
  • The product was not misused (incorrect operation, damage or using the incorrect power supply)
  • The product was not used for any other purpose than for what it was designed
  • The holding deposit for the product shall be determined at the time of the warranty request - typically the trade price
  • The product must be returned to us for inspection - within 20 days of a replacement arriving, otherwise, we may keep the deposit as payment for the product
  • We will pay £25 at our discretion and providing our conditions are met - via BACS
  • The product is not damaged by the user/installer/third party or animal/insect or other
  • The warranty does not reset on replacement - it will just continue from the original purchase date
  • Hudson Lighting Ltd shall not be liable for any unauthorized repairs or for any replacement fitting installed by an unauthorised installer.
  • Hudson Lighting Ltd shall not be liable for any loss of profit, or any special, indirect or consequential loss, or any costs, damages, charges, fees or expenses except for liability that Hudson Lighting is not allowed to exclude by law.
  • Hudson Lighting Ltd total liability in connection with the provision of the Product(s) shall be limited to the price paid by the customer for the Product(s).
  • Claims should be made via email to info@hudsonlighting.co.uk